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Brissi ltd. is a company linked to BioREKC Group dedicated exclusively to the commercialization of oil and its derivatives. We represent investment funds to provide access to the primary market of oil to our customers..


Team Leaders

We have a group of professionals and associates companies with extensive experience and relationships in the area of hydrocarbons, which will be at your full service.


Strategic Growth

Our Strategic Growth Markets practice (SGM) is a global network of professionals advising the full spectrum of dynamic, fast-moving.


Our Offer


Russia is one of the most important countries in the marketing of oil, is a complex market, for which we must be well-advised.


Brissi Ltd is a company based in russia, but only dedicated to advising investors and clients in the purchase of Russian product on the American continent, pointing and certifying real companies and offers of the product.
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. Note: All request, any information must be accompanied by a company profile and LOI

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Rosneft Statement on the Inclusion of the Company’s Subsidiaries in the Sectoral Sanction List of OFAC

Formal inclusion of some Rosneft subsidiaries in the list of entities that fall under sectoral sanctions is indicative of the ongoing illegitimate practice when the effects of political decisions are being extended to market players not influencing the decision-making.
The subsidiaries on the List are financially stable and have sufficient liquidity amount to service their debts, as well as to fulfill their contractual obligations.
Rosneft will continue to protect the interests of its shareholders by all legal means. The Company is creating an accounting system calculating losses from the application of illegitimate sanctions, without reflecting them on the Company balance. Subsequently, the amount of losses will be submitted for reimbursement in court.

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